Wax Stamp Designs 2020 - Logo Trends

As the new year approaches we look at the trends that are set to feature for 2020. In broad terms we can see a shift towards simpler designs that will work in just about any context you put them.

From a commercial standpoint a logo is a small yet crucial asset. For an event or special wedding it is a communication to your guest and a reflection of what you stand for.


1. Contrasted Typefaces

2. Altered Typefaces

3. Rustic Hand-lettering

4. Timeless Wordmarks

5. Special Characters

6. Architectural Forms

Contrasted Typefaces

This logo trend is going to continue in our opinion and will be prominent

When choosing to combine fonts it is important that you choose a big enough contrast between them. If not done correctly it will look Like a mistake , if got right for example decorative details combined with Clean lines like a sans serif it will be perfect

Altered Typefaces

This logo trend is all about taking the font and giving it a really subtle yet totally unexpected twist. It will disrupt the font in a certain way and also really set off the logo and give a brand an edgy image

Rustic Hand - Lettering

A good hand lettered design can have a powerful effect.

It can express a sense of intimacy, clearly hinting at the human hand behind the creation. You don’t want the end result to be too messy or disordered and when done correct can really look class giving the perfect finishing touch as a wax seal

Timeless Wordmarks

Logo types are text based logos that display Name in a certain typeface

To do this correctly and create a timeless effect one must take Some elements into account. For example Spacing between letters , rows of text etc

What is really cool is the introduction of a punctuation mark or a simple Full Stop .

Special Characters

Special Characters are non - letter with a set of glyphs.

If you can incorporate alternative characters into a logo or design it can be a great way of adding playfulness. This can alter the way the design is viewed

Architectural Forms

This trend is a winner and in our world works really well. Drawing its inspiration from the world of architecture , shapes are stripped down to their most basic form resulting in a clean and stripped down result.

Keep it clean and simple and use geometric shapes, overlapping lines are not good its all about attention to detail and end result

Line thickness ensures a quality eye catching result

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