Self Adhesive Backings

Self Adhesive Wax Seals are a popular search online believe it or not. 
The ironic thing is that a lot of the search is based on a misconception from the individual that they are going to receive a sticker !

When the process is stepped out and the full understanding of the actual product we make is explained an appreciation of the product becomes more relevant 

The wax is a handmade product and the stamping of the seals are all individually handmade 

The idea that a handmade product can be supplied as a finishing touch for the specific project without the end user having to worry about it or actually physically make them is a compelling idea. 

Apart from the actual wax seal itself the item which allows the end user to apply the wax seals is the adhesive backing that we apply to each of our products Again all by hand 

We have developed our own bespoke tabs to ensure that like our wax and our process we use the finest materials available and the most high quality and reliable product. 

The adhesive we use on our backing tabs is 3m. The quality of this adhesive and the shape of the tabs allow for the application of the wax seals to the end product to be seamless and most importantly the adhesive is top quality 

The tabs that we apply to all our products are also available to purchase as an individual product direct from our online store

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