Quality Products / The Premium End of the Market & Our Focus For 2020

Hi All,

Welcome to the Roaring 20’s !!!

This year like every new year presents opportunity and also allows the brand to continue its development, our focus has always been on the premium end of the market and our diverse customer base is a testament to this, our customers want quality and we produce from London

When quality is the main focus one must be conscious that artisanal product and materials are not mass produced & when a link in our supply chain is formed, we have developed and tested this to add to our end result - A quality product to showcase your idea and or impress your recipients - Its the little things

We plan this to be the year we differentiate ourselves further again, the time we spend meeting our suppliers, testing and developing new products is so rewarding. We are a small British business based in London but with a global customer reach.

We cater for the individual customer, small businesses along with our corporate client's and appreciate and value all. The design led approach of our business is working in conjunction with the technical development of the best products which culminates in the brand and the delivery of service

If a person is price conscious, we are price competitive but we are not and will not be the cheapest on the market. We don’t change the method of our business to chase the lower end of the market and we think the customers who choose us do so for a reason - We are proud of our repeat customers

A new area of development that we are working on is the introduction of a new quality Sealing Wax that we use and Sell

This product has been months in the research and we launched it softly on our Website in December 2019, some of you will have received your orders using this new wax already and I hope that you will appreciate the quality & early feedback has been amazing so Thank You

We intend to further develop this area of our business and offer a different level of product to the market to allow more customers enjoy the quality of our products and if they choose to produce their own wax seals using the best quality materials and see the difference for themselves. We are rolling this out slowly and introducing new colours over the first six weeks of the year to showcase the new range and new products

We continue to enjoy seeing all your ideas and designs and we really enjoy knowing that you choose us to be part of your project

As always get in touch if you need to bring a project forward or your looking to bring a wax seal idea to life

Happy New Year

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